VHHS Robotics

AutomaDONS #11167

Welcome to the VHHS Robotics website. We are a small robotics team that meets Monday to Wednesday from 3PM to 5PM



Builders make up most the team priority. Builders design and collaborate ideas with other members, especially the programmers. They go through the extensive design process and the trail and error involved. They also work power tools and should be familiar with some hands tools. Don't worry if you may not be a experienced builder, we are here to help teach you the skills.


Without programmers the robot cannot move. Programmers code in Java and use C++/C# syntax. We use Android Studio to upload out code to Android phones that are used to control the robot. Programmers also communicate with builders to program what they want to move. If you want to learn Java or already know, we can help develop your skills further.

Treasurer/ Social Outreach:

The treasurer is responsible for managing funds for the team. They are also responsible for cooperating with the team to host fundraisers. This position also manages social outreach in the form of social media, advertising or events.


One of the most important roles in the robotics club is to complete and update the engineering notebook. The engineering notebook is a record of all progress the team makes until the final competition of end the season. Writers will work with other team members to help complete this notebook. The competition awards for FIRST are not only based on the robot and team, but the engineering robot.


These are jobs that are not placed any specific positions. These include managing the 3D printer, 3D modeling, organization and managing this website.